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Friday, May 23, 2014

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Do you think it would be really bad if I gave this to someone? Just kidding.

 You know that I am banned from blogging about my kids so let's just say that someone I know is graduating 8th grade in a couple of weeks. I asked him this morning if he thinks that I will cry at the graduation.  I thought about it and while I can't believe that this person is actually old enough to start high school, I don't think that I will cry about it. This person and his brother started at this school in Kindergarten and honestly after 11 years there, I am ready to graduate myself!

 What I may cry about it is the fact that my BSMF (Best School Mom Friend) is heading off to a different high school.  She has been my rock since pre-school.

 She is the one that carries a handbag that is so heavy because it contains every single thing that you would ever need in a mom emergency, including a tide stick, clorox wipes and nail glue. She has a full school uniform set and extra flip flops in her trunk. She always has a cooler after school with extra drinks and snacks in case she has to pick up someone else's kids when they are stuck in traffic and won't make it to carpool on time (She is ALWAYS the first car in line).  

She is the one I called for spelling lists, assignments, gossip and other important information.  I always told my son to get in her son's group when there were group projects assigned as her house always produces award winning group projects (She does most of them herself!)  She is my go-to for recipes. She also can tell you where to find any obscure product. This dates back before the every store had a website. She could tell you which store and what aisle to find almost anything.

You get the picture. She is a super-mom but not the annoying kind. Just helpful and never judge-y. I am so lucky that I had her all of these years. She really helped me and rarely asked me to reciprocate.

I want to get her a small graduation present. I don't want to buy anything elaborate because she will feel weird if I did. Just something small and meaningful. Not too mushy. I'd rather go funny.  Obviously the crazy wood plaque above would be what she would give to me but any ideas?

What do you think of these…
Motherhood dish towel

or this minemergency kit. Maybe should could lighten the weight of her magical handbag….

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. (no food, flowers or homemade crafts for this girl)

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