Great new movie coming out and a GIVEAWAY !!!!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Summer means a slew of big blockbusters featuring the biggest Hollywood stars.  But this summer, the most inspirational person to hit the big screen may not be The Avengers, Tom Cruise, and even “The Rock.”  It’s Pope Francis!!!
The Pope will appear for the first time ever in the family movie, BEYOND THE SUN. The film hopes to bring a message of joy, and God’s love to all audiences.  BEYOND THE SUN is a modern-day tale of hope, faith and courage based on stories from the Bible. The family movie chronicles the adventures of four young friends in search of God.f

The film, which releases across multiple platforms including iTunes, Amazon, and TUGG on May 15, has created a special contest where one lucky winner will have an opportunity to win an Exclusive Private Tour of the Vatican and Front Row Tickets to an Audience with The Pope For Four!  click here to enter  and  Click here to watch the trailer for this film  

 In the meantime, Beyond the Sun is sponsoring my giveaway for a free $50 amazon gift card. Just leave a comment below before Midnight on May 24th and I will randomly pick a winner!  

New Movie Alert...Wraith

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

There is a new movie coming out that might be of interest to you. It's called WRAITH and tackles the touchy subject of unplanned pregnancy.

Michael Sajabel, who previously directed legendary actor Peter O’Toole in One Night With the King based on the Biblical story of Esther, wrote and directed WRAITH to “….incorporate a very important message about valuing all life no matter how complicated it can get.” 

WRAITH is a supernatural thriller that explores the story of a family who invites evil into their home after they decide they may not go forward with an unplanned pregnancy.  The film reminds us that God always protects and provides, and that protecting life is always the right choice.

Recently an important member of our family instantly passed away when she was in a horrific car accident. The accident was not her fault and it was horrible that her children had no chance to say goodbye.  The fact that she was on her way to a cruise with three of her dear friends, who also passed away made it all the more horrible.

Thinking about four funerals in one day made me realize how precious life is. Live each day like it is your last. 

WRAITH releases across multiple video on demand platforms and on dvd/blu ray on today, May 8th. Go check it out and let me know what you think about it. 
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