What's on your dining room table….

Friday, April 18, 2014

My mom was having knee replacement surgery earlier in the week. While waiting, I was flipping through a magazine and found myself compelled to read what was in a celebrity's handbag. This is not the exact one that I was reading but here is an example...

These types of magazine spreads are actually ads in disguise for products but they still make me feel kind of lame. If you poured out the contents of my handbag, you'd find a ton of wadded up Publix receipts (Some with gum attached) and lots of other boring things as well as about 12 pounds of change because I cannot get into the habit of actually putting coins in a coin purse.

After a long day at the hospital, I came home to find my dining room table covered in stuff. In fact, despite trying to keep it clutter free, it is always covered in stuff.   It looks so much better when it just has flowers or is set for dinner, but in a house full of busy people, it ends up being a catch-all for everyone's crap.  So at the risk of having three people that I live with being mad at me, I present my version of Lily Allen's Chanel purse….

 (This may become a regular feature on my blog)

Hospital Waiting Room survival kit (Tote filled with scarf, extra cell phone batteries and chocolate which was already consumed)
 Books that my kids have recently read for school
  An empty box of Cadbury Creme eggs. Thank goodness that their season is almost over!

  Coupons/grocery flyers that will go unused/unread
  Four Sharpies and my keys  
 A thank you note from Mickey Mouse

 Biology Study Guide

Three of my handbags 
(Foley & Corrina, Gap, Celine)

Wireless mouse, Can of Axe (Phoenix scent),  absentee note to school and a packet of ketchup

Pinterest worthy huh? Hopefully that Axe or ketchup won't get all over my out of place handbags. 

Okay, I challenge you, what is on your Dining Room table besides flowers, food and dishes? 

We adopted another child...

Friday, April 4, 2014

Yes, it is true dear readers, we have another son living in our home….

for 10 days!!! 

 My son is participating in a fellowship program. As part of this great program that will look great on HIS resume , HE will get to go on an amazing trip abroad this summer and WE agree to have a foreign 16 year old boy live in our home for 10 days. 

This means that I don't get a leg up on college admissions or the chance to go on a life-changing trip this summer but I do get to make meals for this child,  get to drive the child around (the program has a crazy schedule for the visitors while the US kids are in school. I also  get to do this kids laundry. etc, etc. Did I mention that this child has dietary restrictions? I spent 2 hours in the market picking out special food for him before he arrived. Before he got here, I was thinking that this seems like a bad deal for me. I really don't even like when my kids have friend's sleep over. 

Luckily  our visitor is delightful. So well mannered and funny. His english is better than some of the locals around here and he is not scared of our loud, crazy family.  I e-mailed his mother today and said that I might keep him or send the wrong kid back to her.   I can only hope that my son, when he stays with our guest's family during the summer, will be as great as a houseguest as ours is. 

As for the crazy driving schedule that this addition to our household has brought, I've made some new friends my carpool buddies! (They are my BFF's this week!)Yes, I've met some cool new moms which is sort of rare when your kids are teenagers. (new moms… take note, it is super easy to make new friends when your kids are little, it is like that freshman year of college. It is not as easy once your kids refuse to hang out with someone just because you like their mom)

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