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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

   We were the only Jews on our block when I was growing up.   Luckily, our neighbors were open-minded and although many of them had never really known Jews before, it did not matter to them. They became life-long friends. Religion, although important to all of us, did not play into being neighbors and friends during both good and bad times.

   Our neighbor, a nice man from Minnesota, made us a menorah out of wood in his workshop. Our neighbors did not leave us out when they were delivering Christmas cookies or caroling.  We reciprocated with Potato Latkes and dreidel lessons.

   As young girls, my sister and I  could not understand why Santa could not come to our house like he did to all of our neighbors'.  So we hung up stockings and left cookies and he did visit. We got to double dip! 8 Crazy nights of Hanukkah presents and Christmas Presents. Doubly blessed!

   What Christmas means to me if different from what it may mean to others. I love Christmas Trees and Santa and make sure to donate to both Christmas and Hanukkah based Charity events during the season. I don't get insulted if you send me a Christmas Card or wish me Merry Christmas even if I'll be eating Bagels at my mom's annual brunch held on Christmas Day.

   My point is that just because we may believe in different things, most of us believe in the same things...take care of one another, be kind, keep the faith and peace on earth.

    Hillsong-Let Hope Rise  & Great are great films that are coming out on DVD. They are coming out on December 20th and will make great gifts! Hillsong Media has given me copies of these movies on DVD. If you are interested in winning a copy, leave a comment below (tell your friends).  I'll pick a winner by random drawing!

   Here are links to the trailers...

Greater Trailer

Hillsong Trailer

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