The good thing about a hurricane heading your way...

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

     Hurrican Matthew is a big, bad storming heading towards my home state.  Hurricanes suck and blow. (Pun intended). They make everyone in town insane.

     Television news makes everything worse. This morning, during the on air hysteria, the reporter actually interviewed a person who got the "THE LAST FLASHLIGHT AT HOME DEPOT". I have plenty of flashlights around here, yet this report made me feel like I needed to go out and try to find more. They then showed lines at gas stations and empty water shelves at the supermarkets in an effort to make everyone more insane. They stated that tons of flights are being canceled but later mentioned that they were only flights to Haiti, The Bahamas and Cuba where the Hurricane was striking.

      Luckily, I was able to procure gas and water the day before the hysteria (Chalk one up to being a life long Floridian) but I did have to go to Publix to  get some extra provisions this morning including Pop Tarts and pretzels. Lord help us all if a true life emergency ever hits here because Publix was like a war-torn country. Everyone was  driving their shopping carts like true a-holes. No manners whatsoever. So much for humanity and looking out for your neighbors. I literally witnessed an argument between strangers in the bread aisle and someone trying to steal water (only the really expensive stuff was left) out of someone else's cart.

    My cashier was on the verge of tears. I contemplated giving her cash tip or one of my pop-tarts. By the way, television meteorologists, supermarkets, and Home Depot LOOOOOOVE when a hurricane approaches. It is like their own personal Black Friday.

    So, do you want to know the good thing about a hurricane heading your way? Your Facebook Friends stop posting political posts and start forecasting the weather. That's something I guess.

    Currently, my house is out of the cone of destruction but we are expecting crappy weather. Go away Matthew.  Matthew McConaughey is aways invited to the Hurricane party....

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