Happy Birthday to Me!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Yes, today is my birthday 3-3. It is easy to remember.

I'm having a great birthday weekend. Yesterday we attended the Bar Mitzvah and party of one of my son's best friends. His mother is one of my bff's. She is the one who has made my school (well my son's school) life so much better. She is organized and always know what assignments are due when. She has saved my life as a mother more than once.  She was so nervous about the party and events but she looked soooo good. Her dress was perfect and she looked hot with her hair and make up done. Isn't it funny how we are so used to seeing our mom-friends in their usual mom clothes that we are almost shocked when they get cleaned up?

Today I woke up and went to breakfast with my perfect husband (he just started reading my blog ..."hi honey!"). We went to a local deli where I had chocolate chip pancakes which were delicious but are one of those foods that taste great when you eat them but about five minutes later you think  "What was I thinking?"

I should have had some lox. Yes, it looks gross in the case but I love smoked salmon on a bagel with a touch of cream cheese and lots of veggies.

We then went to go get my favorite birthday perk...The free car wash! My local place does the outside and inside free on your birthday which is very exciting for a middle aged woman such as myself.

Last night I went to the mall with my husband. He hates the "Mall crawl" and totally went because I am the Birthday princess. I almost bought this scarf at Anthropologie but it was $50 bucks and I thought that was a lot for a scarf (maybe I am becoming cheap in my middle age). That seemed like a lot but the color was like the caribbean sea and a really light weight. I think I could wear it all summer. I am having non-buyers remorse and may have to go for it.

Do you think I should buy it or just find a less expensive one in the same color? I'm sure that I can if I search a little bit. $50 won't break the bank but in my book,  a scarf really should not be more than $25 unless it is cashmere or something to die for.

The boys are going to find me a cake later but it is seriously the last hurrah. We have a big event coming up and I need to stop eating anything that is not a fruit or a vegetable.


Karen Mary Butterfly said...

Oh, happy birthday!!Buy the scarf. If you can afford it and love it...do it. You only live once. Would you want two different $25 scarves...or this one? :) Those pancakes look delicious!

angryparsnip said...

Happy Birthday !
Buy the scarf. It seems perfect for you and you like it for all the right reasons not just because your a shopaholic and must buy everything you see like one of my friends.
I don't see you becoming cheap in your middle age but just more thoughtful ?
Have a wonderful rest of your birthday weekend and of course

cheers, parsnip
ack... now I am so craving lox, bagel, cream cheese and capers !

Rachel @ Existation said...

Happy birthday! And I agree: buy the scarf. In the words of Tom & Donna: Treat yo'self. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsABTmT1_M0

Ellie VanCaster said...

Happy Happy Birthday and yes
you should definately go get that scarf. Maybe tell them it's your birthday and they'll give you a deal ;-)

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

i would totally get that scarf, it is BEE-U-TEE-FULL!

happy birthday honey!

smiles, bee

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