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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sorry if you've been in suspense. I'm less than two weeks away from the big event and I've been crazy busy.  I wanted to include amenity kits in my swag bags for my cruise guests, but I did not want them to look too craft-projecty.  I wanted them to look like something that I would be excited to see in my stateroom.

I  wrote about the stickers that I made (yes craft project-y) but here is how the final product turned out....

The box is the clear amac box from the container store. It is 3 7/16 square by 6 5/16" tall. They were not cheap but look really nice. Way nicer than anything else I could find.

This is a blurry shot of the top of the box. I promise it looks better in person. 

Now here is what is inside. I have been hunting and gathering stuff for these bags for months so I don't have a running total of what the total cost was and I don't want to know. Neither does my sweet husband who reads my blog !

Cute tissues (target), Adorable girl tweezer , mini lint roller with a cute label (target) Flower nail file
 Little mirror with one side magnifying and one size regular mirror (michael's)

You can't see from the package, but these band-aid have pirates on them. (Amazon), Hand Cream (target) Hand- Santizer and mini flash-light with logo sticker on them. (Dollar tree) As a side note, you should always have a flashlight on you when you travel. If there is a power failure on your ship or in the hotel it is a handy thing to have! 
 Sewing kit (Michaels) and mini advil and wipe

 Chic sleep mask (michaels) and ear plugs! 

I love the results. I will try to post some of the rest of the swag soon! 


angryparsnip said...

very cute !
Lots of fun stuff. I love "la tarjey" they have some of the best small interesting items.

cheers, parsnip

Ellie VanCaster said...

Oh that is coming together really nicely-such good ideas in there that I'm sure they'll love it!

vivian said...

great stuff.. all useful and great to have on hand! Your guests will love these.

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