Surviving Car Buying...

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I knew the car that I wanted. We arrived at the dealership when they opened on a Tuesday morning. Silly me, I thought that I would be done in time for carpool.   Luckily I was smart enough to bring a fully charged iPad which ran out of battery juice right about the time that I decided to troll youtube for videos about the latest episode of Breaking Bad which neither my husband or car salesman could talk to me about.

I was with my husband who used to work at a car dealership (not this one). I did not think to eat a big breakfast. We sat around "negotiating" for hours and hours.  Why did this take so long? 

After a while, I went to the vending machine. I've been trying to avoid the brown monkey (diet coke) but given that they don't serve wine at car dealerships, I had to go with the contraband.   I also ate some vending machine cookies that tasted like they were 3 to 4 years old. "Honey, these are disgusting. Do you want some?", I graciously offered.

 At one point I was contemplating crossing the  major four lane highway in front of the dealership to head to a Little Cesar's pizza place which I consider the low point of my thoughts all day. I may write a new diet book called the "Buying a car diet".

Hours later I was calling my trusty back up friend to pick my son up from Carpool and texting my oldest son telling him that he better not miss the bus.  We were still there.  

I learned my car salesman's entire history including the fact that he totally hates living in South Florida. 

 As we signed more paperwork than one does when buying a mini-mansion, the business office of the dealership smelled faintly of  chicken noodle soup. I'm wondering now if it was some type of olfactory mirage.

Finally after hours and hours, I pulled away in my new car.  I love it and the 50 miles per gallon it gets!  I felt as exhausted as if I had just passed a kidney stone but I think that it was  just passed a new milestone. No more mommy SUV !

I've promised myself that no one will be eating anything in this car and that I will get it washed every week.   It was like New Year's Day, car-style!  How long will these new car resolution last?


angryparsnip said...

hahahahahahha... No eating in the car is a great rule.
Your have two boys the amount of time you spend driving them everywhere = them to wash the car. Tell them your keeping a running account that adds up points for when they get their driver license and want to use your car.

What did you finally pick out ? I can't wait to see it.

cheers, parsnip

Beth said...

LOL!! Buying a new car is something that I hate to do! Congrats on your new one.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

personally i'd rather have a root canal than buy a car. i am very happy for you honey! cute post too!

smiles, bee

Susie said...

Japolina, I do not like car shopping. It's worse than trying to find the absolute best underwear. I do know this...I will try on cars when I buy, just to make sure the air vents blow on my face. When I am hot I want my face cooled not my tummy. So glad you got yourself a you like.
Scary about those cookies. I know what you mean about diet cola have done so well. Great gas milage. Enjoy, xoxo,Susie

NanaDiana said...

We have that rule in my car with the grandkids- No eating but they can have bottled water. lol So...what kind of car did you end up getting? Glad you love it-it was worth the wait then- xo Diana

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! I took my new car for a tyre last month and lost it in the waiting room, hot chocolate, little buns, big frothy coffee, cookies, I scarfed myself sick!

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