What's on your dining room table….

Friday, April 18, 2014

My mom was having knee replacement surgery earlier in the week. While waiting, I was flipping through a magazine and found myself compelled to read what was in a celebrity's handbag. This is not the exact one that I was reading but here is an example...

These types of magazine spreads are actually ads in disguise for products but they still make me feel kind of lame. If you poured out the contents of my handbag, you'd find a ton of wadded up Publix receipts (Some with gum attached) and lots of other boring things as well as about 12 pounds of change because I cannot get into the habit of actually putting coins in a coin purse.

After a long day at the hospital, I came home to find my dining room table covered in stuff. In fact, despite trying to keep it clutter free, it is always covered in stuff.   It looks so much better when it just has flowers or is set for dinner, but in a house full of busy people, it ends up being a catch-all for everyone's crap.  So at the risk of having three people that I live with being mad at me, I present my version of Lily Allen's Chanel purse….

 (This may become a regular feature on my blog)

Hospital Waiting Room survival kit (Tote filled with scarf, extra cell phone batteries and chocolate which was already consumed)
 Books that my kids have recently read for school
  An empty box of Cadbury Creme eggs. Thank goodness that their season is almost over!

  Coupons/grocery flyers that will go unused/unread
  Four Sharpies and my keys  
 A thank you note from Mickey Mouse

 Biology Study Guide

Three of my handbags 
(Foley & Corrina, Gap, Celine)

Wireless mouse, Can of Axe (Phoenix scent),  absentee note to school and a packet of ketchup

Pinterest worthy huh? Hopefully that Axe or ketchup won't get all over my out of place handbags. 

Okay, I challenge you, what is on your Dining Room table besides flowers, food and dishes? 


This is Belgium said...

Happy to see that you are still visiting Belgium from time to time
your dining room story sounds like music to my ears!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

This is fun...and maybe a little funny. My kitchen table has a bowl of seashells in the center of the table and 2 place mats...empty ready for someone to sit down and eat. The other 2 place mats have stacks of paperwork, mail, magazines, etc. All the things we are in the middle of reading! haha! This was FUN! Have a wonderful weekend my friend! Hugs!

Beth said...

My purse is where I carry everything I own. My kitchen table has only a bowl of bananas on it.
I hope your mom is doing well!

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

nothing. not. one. thing. but then i live alone and am a compulsive! ha ha ha

smiles, bee

Susie said...

Japolina, I had to laugh about the amount of change...So true. I usually have a few coupons in my purse, I like to carry them till they are out dated.LOL. Hope all is well at your house. Miss visiting. xoxo,Susie

Linda said...

Not bragging, but I have a dining table, a kitchen table ( instead of an island), a breakfast table, and a reading table in the living room. Each are collecting places, and I was the one who said, "No kitchen island! Just junk collector!" Oh by the way, I have a carpet runner and three empty cake pedestals on my teak dining table. I just cleaned it before we went on vacation. Hugs for your mom. Hope she is doing okay. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

My dining room table is always full of crap too. Mail mostly. Cups of water. Misc what nots. I just cleaned it off to make room for the Easter baskets though, so it is looking pretty good right now...and tasty I might add.

NanaDiana said...

LOL- Okay- It is not what is ON my dining room table but what hides at the very end of it -the furthest from the arch. I have scads of dishes that I am "hiding" from hubby and wondering where the heck I am going to put them...lol yeah---oh- and there is a bag with a new table runner---and some chocolate Easter eggs that are a surprise because they are out in plain sight and no one ever looks there...and dust---there might be some dust there, too.

Fun post!!! xo Diana

vivian said...

I just cleared my table off.. lol! but I laughed out loud at your purse full of receipts with gum stuck in them! thats what you would find in my purse. I always have one sweet little thing in my purse though. I carry a mini teddybear all the time! lol! I just will never completely grow up!
have a great weekend my friend

angryparsnip said...

So late to your post !
I hope you keep this a recurring post so much fun !

hahahahahahaha my dining room table is very empty right now but my small kitchen table has a stack of mail about 10 inches tall !

cheers, parsnip

Tabitha said...

Nothing in the dining room table and nothing in my handbag!

I only carry a bag about twice a month, so just fill it when I need to - miss minimalist.

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