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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

As a mother, do you ever get over the nervousness of sending your kids off on a plane without you?  

My boys left for camp today. Most of the kids that go to the camp are from South Florida, so the camp offers (for a hefty fee) a group flight. One of the owners of the camp flies with the kids as well as several counselors.  You drop them off at the departure counter and they walk the kids through security and onto the plane. 

I've done this several times before, but it is weird feeling hugging your kids in front of the ticket counter and leaving the airport. I don't know, but it would probably be worse if I had to actually walk them to the door of the plane.  Adding to the weirdness is that the camp forbids cell phones, so they don't take them. Therefore, there is no texting or calling once they are on the plane or when the plane lands. My son texts me when he is on the school bus every day so it is crazy that he is flying three states away without any way to communicate.

There is no use waiting around the airport lobby for the plane to take off, so we just dropped them off, hugged them goodbye, and walked back to the car.  Instead of feeling excited that our summer honeymoon was about to begin yet again, I was happy/sad.  I know that the kids have a blast at the camp.    There is just no other word to describe this limbo time other than "weird".

My husband and decided that we should go to a funny movie while the whole flight thing was going on.  I downloaded a flight tracker app as he bought tickets for "Grown Ups 2" starring Adam Sandler.  I was not a fan of the first installment of this film but we went anyway.   I guess it was a good choice because it was silly and stupid and required zero concentration. This allowed me to update the flight tracker every 30 seconds or so much to the chagrin of my sweet summer boyfriend.  

"They took off", I said as he chuckled at Kevin James' signature combination of burp, sneeze and fart.

"They are over Orlando", I said as he was hysterical over Chris Rock's right-on performance as the cable guy who shows up in the last five seconds of the 8 hour window that the cable company gives you. 

"The plane landed!", I screamed as we both  enjoyed the scene in the movie where everyone was dressed in 80's costumes. 

They safely made it there and then I was just happy.  Excited for a month mom-vacation.

Happy Summer!!!!


Susie said...

Have a happy honeymoon with your summer boyfriend. So funny Japolina, but oh so sweet. Glad your boys are safely at camp.Now enjoy yourselves.xoxo, Susie

Stefanie said...

Love traveling in the summer.

LaynahRose said...

That is a very long trip! I'd say you had good reason to be nervous. Especially since you talk and text so often when its home, that would feel so off.

NanaDiana said...

WoooHooo...Have some serious summer fun and don't worry (if you can help it). A whole month? You WILL survive! xo Diana

angryparsnip said...

Daughter started to go to an immersion language camp in the summer at Concordia Collage when she was in Junior High. I worried the whole time. Some one met her from the camp at the airport.
I swear that is one of the reason she is so capable. She can handle just about anything.
One time she was stuck at the Minnesota airport for several hours till the next flight came. I was very worried.

Your sons are with many campers and counselors so I am sure all is well.

cheers, parsnip

Suzan Sweatman said...

I SO get this - you have no idea -
My daughter went to Florida a couple of months ago - and I asked her to call me just before she got on the plane in the middle of the night - and I slept through it - Miss Insomnia herself and I slept through it - was sick to my stomach until she called that they had arrived safely
Did I mention she's 30 years old???
Enjoy your honeymoon :)

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