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Sunday, July 28, 2013

First of all, news from camp is all good right now. Everyone is having fun and looking healthy. Not a lot of letters recently which in camp-speak means "I'm having too much fun to slow down to write a letter".

Some un-named camper found a wi-fi signal in the camp's drama room and was able to text me from his iTouch. This was exciting for a few minutes but then led to texts like "send more socks", "can you order me these sunglasses from Here is the link. Everyone has them but me" and "Can I use your itunes account to download some songs to my iTouch? "

That is when I texted that I had to go because the complaint department/bank is closed for the next few weeks. (And yes, I ordered socks and glasses from Amazon to be delivered to him this week).  I am certain that if the camp does not change the wifi password soon, that some other mother is going to narc on her kid for texting and they will confiscate all wifi enabled devices as they did with the cell phones the first day.

The other un-named camper's itouch is probably out of batteries or misplaced.  I sent him a gift from amazon too out of guilt.

I've been doing my usual summer de-cluttering while the kids are gone. My house is now in the stage where it looks worse than when I started. There are piles everywhere and you absolutely cannot tell that I have done any work.  I did list some knick-knacks that I like but really have no place for and one instantly sold. It is a trinket box and sold for a great price 
Click here for the details

I have other clutter  lovely items up for auction including nine anthropologie knobs that I have no furniture to go on :(  

Here are the links to my two ebay pages if you know anyone who is interested



Susie said...

Japolina, Your son sure is tech savvy. It amazes me how kids can catch on to anything eletronic. You need to be enjoying your quiet'll have laundry to do when the boys return.:):)xoxo,Susie

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