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Saturday, January 11, 2014

If you are a mom of kids that live under your roof, you need some specific types friends in your stable at all times.  These friends are similar to the types of friends that you had as a kid (i.e.The friend with the fun house, the friend who helps with homework, the friend you makes you laugh until you pee in your sleeping bag).  As a Mom, it really does take a village to raise a child and even if you have a great partner in crime  spouse, it helps to have back up. 

Luckily, when you are a mom, it is pretty easy to make friends as you instantly have something in common, kids! Friends often come in and out of one's life, so you should make sure that you always have these five friends in your regular life at any given point.  

1. The Mom in the same boat as you 

You may have met her while waiting in your OB's office,  at Mommy & Me class or during orientation for High School. This is the easiest friend to find and make.  You may only have one kid the same age in common but you're comrades in arms. The two of you should be able to bitch and moan about whatever is going on whether it be how to get rid of the pacifier to the best teen acne treatments ad nauseum.  It helps if her kids are in the same school as yours, but not a pre-requisite. This friend is the one who does not miss a beat when you tell her your parenting horror stories. She will swoop in to pick up your child from school at the last minute because you are having a hairdresser emergency without judgement.

2. The Mom who is one step ahead of you

This is the Mom who has a kid one or two years ahead of yours.  No more than that.  She is the one who tells you which teachers to avoid. She assure you that the biting phase in pre-school will soon pass.  She is almost in the same boat as you so she can relate to your potty training or SAT tutor woes without being so far removed as to not recall how stressful they are at the time. 

3. The Mom who knows everything 

Ask what the spelling words are and they will be texted to you in moments. Ask where to find sparkly red ballet flats, she will tell you exactly which Target to go to and what aisle they will be found in. Ask for an impressive recipe to have your husband take to the office holiday potluck lunch, she'll walk you through it step by step.   She is different from a "know it all" Mom. She is helpful, not condescending.

4. A Mom who is about a decade ahead of you

This is the most elusive type of Mom friend. She may actually be your sister, sister-in-law or a neighbor. She's survived whatever is going on in your house whether it be weaning the child of the bottle, shipping the kids off to camp or getting a kid into college. She may forget how stressful introducing new foods can be but she is proof that everything will work out.  

5. A Mom who is crazier than you

Not to judge but we all know the Mom who let's her toddler stay up until 12, feeds her kids crap all of the time or worse. I'm not talking about child abusers (don't be friends with them!) but the type of Mom who ships her trunks to summer camp late or  never shows up to the school open houses.   Maybe she does not know better. Maybe she does not care. Maybe she just cannot get her act together.   She is not a "bad mommy" but just kooky. This type of Mom definitely makes you feel better when you are having Mom guilt.

 In my next blog, I'll advise you of the types of Mom friends you don't need in the meantime, what types of Mom friends should be added to my list? Please let me know as I adore comments...


Kelly said...

I do have some mom friends like you mentioned. They are very good to have. I agree that it is a relief to talk to someone that has a child the same age as mine so we can compare notes. LOL!

angryparsnip said...

Everything you said was so true !
But for me not the last one. I had kookie friends but not like that one She is usually the one who always expect some one else to pick-up, feed, help, check-up, but never helps any one out. I like kookie but but kids need some order.

cheers, parsnip

vivian said...

great list! we can fall into all those catagories at one time or another and with different people dont you think? I think Ive been all those people... especially the kooky one! lol
have a great week and thanks for sharing!

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