The types of Moms-Friends to avoid

Monday, January 13, 2014

Yesterday, I gave advice on the types of moms that you should add to your stable of friends. Now I have to warn you against the types of  Mom Friends that you don't need:

1. The fake or bragger Mom

"I never yell at my kids", "My kids are perfect", "My son has never received less than an A and has never been tutored", are things that fly out of her mouth, usually when you are complaining about something in your life. She is either lying or bragging. Both are toxic and unneeded in your life at any time.

2. The super crazy Mom

Her five year old is spotted  a mile the street on his bike at the yogurt shop begging people for money and she is getting her nails done.  She is the one that does not care if her ten year old drives around in the car of her newly licensed 16 year old neighbor.  her son is lighting stuff on fire and she does not think that it's an issue. This Mom is dangerous. 

Obviously if you see a child in danger, it is your obligation to but in as children can't protect themselves, but this mom walks a fine line. Yes, you feel bad for the kids of the crazy moms, but it is your job to protect your child and it is a good idea to keep your kids far away.

Whenever I talk to a super crazy Mom I almost feel obligated to call the authorities. I don't want to hear anything that can't be unheard. I don't want my children around these types of families. Maybe I'm overprotective but better safe than sorry is not a bad Mom-motto. Again, if you do see a child in real danger, you must butt in. It is the Mom Code.

3. The Judge-y Mom

Even though it is universally known around the world (at least by cool moms) that the playground is a safe zone for moms to vent and worry aloud, this Mom did not get the memo. She has no problem telling you what you are doing wrong even if it is a passive aggressive way.  She may seem nice at first, but the more you get to know her, you realize that she is judging you. She makes you feel bad that your child still eats white bread. She gets up in your business. She'll explain while breast is best, even when you have decided to  bottle feeding. She may be the same person as the bragger/liar mom. Stay away. You'll thank me later. 

4. The Mean/Jealous Mom

She also may seem like a friend when you first meet her but you'll be sitting at a lunch with the girls and she'll say something like "Japolina's kids are at the pediatrician's office so much, I think she has Munchausen syndrome"  or "I'm so sorry that your newborn is in the NICU. You're so brave for checking out of the hospital with your baby still there. I could have never done that " or "I think it is so sweet that you let your kids wear whatever they want. My husband would kill me if little Tony ran around in superman shorts and a wiggles top outside the house." Sometimes she is jealous, sometimes she is stupid and sometimes she is just plain mean.  Parenting is too difficult to be around someone who makes you feel bad.

5. The User Mom

This one takes advantage of your goodwill.  She never reciprocates on playdates or sleepovers. She asks you to send in extra milk cartons for the school project but never steps up and helps you.  She has no problem when you drive her kid back and forth to   every practice and does not even thank you.  These types of Moms are often overwhelmed with other kids or  a career and find a good Mom to latch onto. They figure if you're going to the football field anyway, what's one more which is probably what you think but an offer to pitch in (even if it is empty gesture) would be nice. Trust me, these types of Moms will bleed you dry if you let them. I know a few of kids with Moms like this and I don't hold it against them but I keep their Mom's at arm's length.

Are there any that I have missed? 


angryparsnip said...

No you didn't miss any !
This was a great two day blog.

I remember once when the bragger Mom was bragging about her son who was at some big named University but couldn't believe how I let my son go to Community Collage.
Turns out her son bombed out of University but my son when on to great things.
Karma does come back to bite you.
Did you get any of the cold weather that even hit Florida ?

cheers, parsnip

NanaDiana said...

What a great thing about friends and BAD Moms. I have met many MEAN-JEALOUS-USER Moms in my life. Who needs them? I'd say the Liar Mom could also be called the Bragger Mom.

Loved your Good Mom post, too. It is always good to have those Mentor Moms that are just slightly ahead of you and the "dumb mom" that is just a little whacko- that YOU are "ahead" of them! lol xo Diana

This Mom said...

I was relieved when reading through your list that I'm not "one of those moms" - at least I don't think I am! I am also pretty lucky because I really don't recognize any of those characters in the moms that I hang around, which is definitely a blessing!

Tabitha said...

Oh my friend is pregnant for the first time at 41, I wonder what she'll turn into!

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