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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

     I was surprised and delighted by all of your comments on last week's post "Why I Blog" . Compared to most of you, I'm a baby blogger.  I'm still a work in progress and love all input from my readers! 

    I know about 15 people who have recently started blogging. I've "come out" to them, even though I'm "anonymous" because I feel like it always helps to have someone that you know in the same boat as you.  Some of their blogs are amazing, some not so much.  

Here is my number 1 tip for any new blogger:

Read other blogs (and comment on them). No one ever became successful at their chosen art without studying the masters who came before them. Furthermore, if you comment on other people's blogs, they are likely to pop over and view your blog.  This is the only thing that I have done to grow my readership and my blogger circle. I'm learning what makes an interesting post by the number of hits and comments each one gets.  I read every comment and try to email a response back to every single one. I learned that trick from one of my favorite bloggers (Thanks Diana!)

As I said before, I'm a newbie so what do I know? So my request to you is to tell me today: 

If you had one piece of advice for a new blogger, what would it be??


Linda said...

My son gave me this advice (and gave me a new camera!): Add photographs to your blog! I am definitely not a photographer, but I try. And I am learning all the time. The photos also allow you to link to fun blog parties. Then you will get more "exposure." Linda@Wetcreek Blog

NanaDiana said...

Awww...Thanks, Julie. That is exactly how I grew my blog, too. I have never joined a Linky Party or anything yet. However, the "big bloggers" say to join Linky Parties for increased traffic.

MY advice to a new blogger is to write your blog as if you were writing it for yourself and NOT to impress someone. Write from your heart and don't get discouraged when you don't get any/many comments. For the first year I think I only had maybe 20 readers and sometimes no comments- but I kept going. That's the real "trick", I think. You just keep blogging...and visiting....and commenting...and replying to comments on your own blog.

You've come a LONG way, Jappy! (rhymes with Yappy-cuz I can't use your real name) xo Diana

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

you already have great advice i see. i should comment back but don't usually. i just write what pops into my head. i only slightly edit it too. i do keep a few secrets now and then! ha ha

seriously i blog because i like to. if i stop i won't blog. it wouldn't be any good if my heart wasn't in it i'm sure.

i always read and don't always comment, just enough so you know i'm still around.

i see about 130 readers a day and get about 10 comments. oh, i know one thing i do, i have my settings to only show a part of the post forcing people to come over if they want to read.

have a great day honey!

smiles, bee

Evi @ sexta-feira said...

Hello Japolina,

You're absolutely right! I would add that bloggers shouldn't be afraid to follow each other. Personally, I'm always happy when I see a new reader has joined my blog, so I join new blogs all the time.

Have a great day!

Beth said...

Almost 9 years of blogging has taught me a lot. Be true to yourself and respect your readers. If someone is kind enough to comment on your blog take the time to go to their blog and thank them. Many of my readers are from my first blog on Windows Live Spaces in 2005. I am always delighted when I have a new reader!

Courtney Sweet said...

My advice would be don't have a chaotic layout! That is one sure way to get me to click the 'x' at the top without so much as a decent glance at any content. It doesn't have to be professional, just clean...not too much going on.
Also, don't have tiny pictures..know your dimensions and edit your photos accordingly. It is sad when you read something and there is a picture to go with it, but you can't even see what the picture is. I don't like having to click on the image just to see it.
And one more, add the bloglovin' button. Anything to make it easier for people to visit and then visit again is good.

Susie said...

Japolina, I think a photo or two helps pull people in...well it works on me .LOL I really do not want to take the time to read a big long drawn out post, unless it's telling me about the blogger. Because then it likes really getting to know the person. Blessings, xoxo,Susie
p.s. When leaving comments, don't be mean...what is the sense of that, right?

vivian said...

I have no idea why people read my blog! but I do try to always be myself and I try to make my blog colorful. but I agree.. visit other blogs and comment! and visit those who comment on yours.. its a never ending rabbit hole, visit others blogs and the blogs their visitors as well. there are some books out there on blogging etiquette. And the magazine Artful Blogger is a fun magazine.
mostly, just have fun!

angryparsnip said...

I read lots of blogs first before I started mine. Then at the time I pick the blogs I enjoyed the most. They both had a huge back ground in writing but I so like how they looked.
I knew that people really don't have a huge amount of time to read so since I am an artist, I wanted mine to be more photos and small amount of text.
I read blogs that are somewhere I would like to visit or have been.
Keep it simple you don't have to post every day and most of all enjoy.

cheers, parsnip

Red Rose Alley said...

I think Diana said it the best because you have to give comments as well as receive them. The blog has to keep active in order for it to stay alive. The one thing that I can say about blogging, and this applies only for me, is that I visit many blogs, so I don't like to read posts that are too long. I think you can get your point across with just a few words.

Keep going, Japolina. You are going to soar.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I always remember Diana's advice, too and try to read more. I don't write anyone back though unless they ask me a specific question. I think we should be blogging for FUN! Whatever we are doing and want to share is interesting to others! Enjoy your week! Happy Spring!

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