W.W.J.D.? (What would Japolina Do?)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

 I had to get a colonoscopy yesterday *. When I was ready to be wheeled in for the procedure, a sweet Asian nurse walked next to my bed.  She said that her name was Judy and she was my surgical nurse. She assured me that she would be by my side for the entire procedure. Her manner was friendly and sweet. 

 Next walked in Dr. Tall, Dark and Handsome.  He said that his name was Dr. X and was the anesthesiologist. He was friendly and joke-y. He said that he was like my Bartender for the day and would make sure that I felt nothing.  All was as great as it could be given the situation.

   Judy started to wheel my gurney down the hall and Dr. X said "Watch out for Judy, not only is she a woman driver but Chinese. You know how bad Asian drivers are? Ha Ha". Judy chuckled with what I supposed was a nervous laugh. I did not know what to say.  He continued "Judy grew up driving a bike through the rice patties, so hold on, it may be a scary ride!"

WTH???   I was so offended. This was a textbook EEOC complaint.  I used to defend these cases when I worked for a law firm. (I really used to settle these cases as the offenders were very unsympathetic defendants/jerks)

In general, I would have nicely mentioned to Dr. X that he was a bigot but, he was going to inject drugs into my system momentarily. What was I to do?

Here were my options: 

a) Bitch him out and explain how offensive his comments were and risk him giving me too much anesthesia or worse, not enough? I have teenagers to raise. Being in a coma would not be good right now.

b) Hand Judy my card and explain that I will represent her pro bono?

c)  Complain on the comment card later about the nice dose of racism that I witnessed along with the propofol?

d) Nothing

I'm sorry to report that I did nothing. I was too scared to bitch him out before my life was in his hands.  I awoke well rested and grateful that I was alive and sort of forgot about the incident until the car ride home plus I did not see Judy or Dr. X after the procedure.

Furthermore, the smart surgical center asks patients to fill out the comment cards while they are still high on drugs. I'm certain that they get 100% ratings from patients still loopy from anesthesia.

 Nurse Judy, I really hope that you get back at Dr. X in one way or another.

 What would you have done?

*Even though I am waaaay younger than 50, I get colonoscopies every five years due to the fact that two close relatives did not get diagnosed with Colon Cancer until after it had spread to their livers. It is estimated that 1 in 20 Americans will get Colon Cancer in their lifetime. 

The only good thing about colon cancer is that it is the one cancer that they can lop off while it is still in the pre-cancer stage. Screenings save lives.

 People are scared of colonoscopies because they involve poop and your butt. If your doctor has recommended that you have one, don't put it off. I promise you that the very worst part is having to drink 64 ounces of laxative-laced gatorade. Flushing your system out is no picnic but I'd trade one lousy afternoon for chemo any day.  

The procedure itself is simple, even with a racist anesthesiologist. You're knocked out and have no idea what they are doing to you.  My gorgeous colon was perfect and I don't need to go back for another five years. I promise that  if Dr X is still there then, I will make sure that I yell at him.

BONUS: I lost two pounds from the whole ordeal! 


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

it's not too late to report it. and i found some years back that you don't have to drink that stuff, you can have a pharmacist put the powder in capsules and swallow them with lots of water. much easier i think. i don't know why they all don't use this but i do. and yes, you are waaayyyyy younger than 50!

hugs, bee

Susie said...

Japolina, I can only hope the nurse and dr have a way with banter, that they can laugh at themselves and each other. Some working relationship are like that. I agree with the colonoscopy. It the prep that's time consuming...the relief afterwards is reassuring. I have had them , due to my mother and brother having had a bit of colon cancer. They we both successful surgeries. But safe than to late . Hope your test were clear. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Linda said...

Glad you are well. Since you know the Dr.'s name, send him a short note letting him know you were offended and know the sweet nurse was, too. He owes both of you apologies, but we know that won't happen. :(( Linda@Wetcreek Blog

Mo said...

This is very informative...I didn't realize that colon cancer was that prevalent (and preventative). I will definitely keep this in mind.

Also, this line cracked me up: "People are scared of colonoscopies because they involve poop and your butt." :-) So true!!

Beth said...

I have gone through cancer treatment and a colonoscopy is nothing compare d to radiation and surgery.
As far as Dr X, he sounds like a butt hole.

Jenny Woolf said...

Mm, don't know what I would have done either. I think I hate people if they are unkind and mean rather than just have an inappropriate sense of humour, but then I was not professionally involved with that kind of case. I might feel differently if I had been!

NanaDiana said...

How horrible of Dr.X. WTH was he thinking? OMG-That was SO OUT OF PLACE. She should report him but I bet she is afraid to.

You can certainly lodge a complaint now. The hospital will have a hot line and you won't even have to give your name if you don't want to. We used to handle this sort of thing all the time. What an arrogant axx.

I am having my procedure soon-as soon as I can be off my anti-inflammatories for two weeks- xo Diana

Susie said...

Japolina, I made so mistakes in the comment I left earlier...it was as if I were speaking a different language.LOL.. I meant that my mother and brother both had successful surgeries to remove the parts of their colons that had cancer. I will say Mommy's was a success, but she died shortly after. They removed the cancer and some diverticulitis. But they gave her pain meds and she went too deep into sleep and could not blow off the carbon dioxide and she went deeper into a sleep till her kidneys failed.... but after the surgery she was awake and talking a little. I feel it was no right, but what could I prove. But the dr. told all os siblings after our brother's surgery , to get checked out. Glad your results were good.xoxo,Susie

angryparsnip said...

Goodness !
First, glad to know your fine.
Second, I think what Jenny said makes a lot of sense. But I lived through all the Polish jokes that were every where (on TV too)and it does hurt and make no sense.
I think (hoping) he was trying to make a joke to ease the tension but.... there must be a better way. Possible drop him a note or at lest nurse Judy.

cheers, parsnip

Anonymous said...

I would have laughed, Europeans aren't so bothered by things like that, we are much less politically correct over here.
Phew, I'd have been so nervous about having that done, if I ever need one I'll be coming to you for prep work!

vivian said...

wow.. I would have been offended too... I might even still file a complaint now.
Its time for me to have mine done soon. I do have to admit that I keep putting it off.....
well, on that happy note.. glad yours went well!
have a happy day!

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