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Saturday, June 27, 2015

My sister convinced me to read 

This book is pretty simple and if you have too much stuff in your closets, house or life, I suggest you download or pick up a copy.  The basic premise of the "KONMARI" Method of tidying up is to go through every single piece of "stuff" in your house and only keep what you really love (or need).  

I started with my closet and I have to say, Marie Kondo gave me permission not to feel bad about discarding just about 1/2 of my clothing.  She doesn't tell you to throw or giveaway things that you haven't worn in a year or don't fit. She just says to decide if each thing, whether it be a pair of socks or a super expensive dress, brings you joy. If not, you are free to toss it.   As I was going through each and every single item in my closet, the permission that Kondo gave to let go of things that I was hanging onto because they cost a lot or "in case of" was fantastic. The guilt of my stuff was gone. It was quite liberating.  

If a sweater was itchy, out it went. If a top never looked good on me, out it went. If shoes were designer but hurting my feet, they disappeared too. That outfit that was on sale but was sitting there waiting in case I ever got invited to the Hamptons was also pitched. (If you invite me to your house in the Hamptons, I'll go buy something new!) 

It all felt great.  But what to do with the stuff.  Bags and Bags were donated but some of the stuff was really good. Kondo does not endorse pawning the stuff onto your friends and family unless they really want it

I had three other avenues that I used to make a little bit of dough from the things that were not bringing me happiness.

1. Ebay.  You knew that was coming right????

Here is an example of something that was just clogging up my closet and now is residing in my bank account. Not a big sale at all.  However, it was like found money.

This was a little Burberry Pouch that came with Perfume. It was just sitting there unused with about a million other little toiletry bags. It sold for $34.99!

If you have been holding on to your Crap stuff, you might want to search completed items on Ebay. You might find that some cash might make you happier than a Trapper Keeper Notebook from the 80's
Yes, this authentic, Original Notebook from 8th grade sold for $35 bucks (including free shipping). Sometimes it does pay to be a packrat. Not really.

By the way, with the ebay app for smart phones, you can just take a photo, fill out the form and list away. So much simpler than in the olden days.   Just remember to promptly ship out once your stuff sells!

2. Like Twice  If you're too busy to Ebay your clothes and handbags, you might want to check them out.  They only buy certain brands but they either send you a bag to fill up or you print out a label and just ship out to them. They will either buy your items outright or give you a Target Gift Card or a store credit for everything that they want.   You probably won't make as much as you do on ebay but it is way easier.  I am about to ship them a box of designer jeans that certainly are not bringing me joy sitting in my closet mocking me because they don't fit or look good.  I expect to take in about $10 per pair.  Certainly not anything close to what they cost new but still easy money and better than nothing!

3. After I moved out of the closet, I started in on my china cabinet and I found this company…  This company will buy certain pieces of china and crystal.   They don't buy everything but I had a partial set of China that was not "bringing me joy" and I sent them a few photos and they shot me back a quote that was quite nice and did bring me joy.  Now I'm bubble wrapping and packing it up.  This site also sells replacement pieces so if there is a set of dishes or glasses that you love but have lost or broken along they way, they will help you make a full set! 
Here is the china I am shipping to them. 

I'm still Konmari-ing. It make take quite a long time to get rid of everything in my house that is not bringing me joy.  The next stop is the kid's room  That should be lots of fun.  During last summer's annual "clean up their room while they are away" festival  uncovered an uneaten sandwich in a backpack . Seriously. 

If you've tried Konmari, I'd love to hear about it!


NanaDiana said...

Oh- I am so happy because I have been doing the same thing. I had a lot of really good career wear that is up-to-date stylish and I just packed up a CAR FULL (no kidding) and took it all to the YWCA where they have a back-to-work program for moms/unemployed people that are just getting a job and don't have appropriate clothing. They are given so much to "spend" (it costs them nothing) and they can come 3 times a year and get things. It is a wonderful program and I was happy to help. On the way there I almost cried giving some of those suits away-but once I did it I felt free!!!
Good for you. You must be good because there are SO MANY sellers on eBay I wonder how anyone ever sells anything. I am happy for you. xo Diana

Janie Junebug said...

The books sounds very good, and you post is excellent. I have OCD so I don't need the book. I have to keep everything clean and organized. I've been losing weight, so my too-big clothes have gone to Goodwill. I love giving away clothes that don't fit anymore because I'm not so fat now. Good for you for cleaning up. It makes your whole life better.


vivian said...

It would take me about 1o years to go through all my stuff! lol! but this is great food for thought!
I should do it.

Susie said...

Japolina, I need a therapy class in that very thing. LOL. I know it's really not a laughing matter....but I think I own way too many things. I need to give it all away. I admire people who can just toss it out and not bat an eye. I have often thought if it all blew away in a storm I could start over. I have thought ...just wear the same thing all the time... Like jeans and a white t-shirt...make life simple.. I will be taking things to Goodwill this week. Maybe the salvation army store. Bless your heart, xoxo,Susie

LAC said...

I have been doing this each weekend without reading the book. But it sounds like my process is very similar. Thank you for the link to TWICE! I am definintely going to check that out. I signed up and hopefully you get the referral credit. I plan on sending a few coach purses and other items tomorrow if I remember to pack them up tonight. I love ebay, but its more of a winter project for me. I currently have almost 10 totes of clothes to sell, including my daughters. Wish TWICE took kids clothes!!!

Traveling Bells said...

I saw this book on FB, TV, or somewhere recently and have begun applying the joy theory to my own closet...and home. Slowly, but it is a beginning. Great advice...

Anonymous said...

I'm still konmari-ing...I am not done! But the principles have stuck with me and I easily throw things away now, and haven't regretted anything I've thrown away yet! - xo jo

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