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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Public high schools in Florida have a fine arts credit requirement. When my son was finishing up his freshman year, he was not happy about having to take anything with the word "art" in it.  He begged to take something online so that he could take an extra science class.  Science was what his friends were into. He was so persistent that I actually went into speak to the Principal about allowing him to do this.  Despite that fact that this woman was in charge of 2100 young minds, she really thought about it, looked at his transcript and strongly suggested that he take his fine arts at school and not to take an extra science class. "It will be good for him" and she pretty much took about a huge rubber stamp and marked "Denied" on his request.

   At the time, I did not understand her refusal for more science. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) is being heavily pushed these days. It seems that every boy is rushing towards this type of major in college.  The thought is that STEM is where the jobs are going to be. Even kids who are not "science kids" like mine, were feeling the pressure to head into this direction.

   My son wearily reported for photography the first day of tenth grade.  During the year, he not only learned about the history of photography and studied the masters, he learned about cameras, taking photos and how to develop black and white film in the school's darkroom. Near the end of the year, he decided to take Advanced Placement (AP) Photography during 11th grade. 

   During his junior year ,while taking this college-level photography class, he started running around with his friends on urban photo safaris. They are starting a photography club at their school.  Some of his photos were chosen by his teacher to be shown at art shows around town and entered into contests. 

   In June, as he was heading off to his old summer camp to be a counselor, he asked if he could bring his camera and help the camp photographer out. The camp said to bring it and maybe he could help once in a while during the summer.

  He's been at camp for a little over two weeks and taking photos every day.  Hundreds of his photos have been posted on the camp's website so far. Right now he is a "war" correspondent  (Color War!)  

Color War Breaks out with Plane dropping Team Assignments!

   I guess getting out of one's comfort zone is usually a good thing. This is motivating me to get out of mine but I'm not sure what I'm up for this summer. Any suggestions? I'm thinking about learning about wine or paddle boarding. I'll probably go with the wine.

     Happy Summer!

My boys are teenagers and embarrassed by the mere existence of parents. They HATE when I blog about them but they are gone for the summer and are not supposed to be anywhere near the internet. They will be mad at me when they get back.


angryparsnip said...

Fabulous !
Good for your school principal.
Congratulations to your son great photo.

Coming from a family of artist my youngest son did not want to take an art class.
Oldest son had a darkroom and his photography is a mixture of oil crayons on print.
Daughter and I do everything.
He took a drawing class in High School and almost flunked. But then he found he liked black and white photography and calligraphy.

What bothers me in the times we live in our tax dollars are given away and yet our schools are failing and teachers underpaid. No more Music, Art and PE classes, in elementary classes. Young minds need exploring.

My suggesting would be a ceramic/pottery class. Throwing 20 pounds of clay around is wonderful and you get dirty.
Or calligraphy. I knew someone who used potatoes, carrots and sticks to do the most beautiful letters.
I can't drink so wine is out for me ! But sounds like fun.

cheers, parsnip

Susie said...

Japolina, I think your son is doing great. The idea of trying something out of our comfort zone is good when they are so young. My grandson graduated with a degree in meteorology....then got a degree in Global Imaging Systems. But he takes his camera everywhere I think...he is self taught mostly and has won prizes for his photos. Your son may be very surprised where this will take him. Shh...I am not telling your boys anything about what I have read here. :):) Blessings to all of you for a great 4th of July weekend, xoxo,Susie

Janie Junebug said...

She doesn't really have any power. No one does.


Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

That is so neat! Look at that. Love this story. I vote for the wine too. Paddleboarding sounds fun, but I still vote for the wine!

LAC said...

That is so exciting to see future budding photographers. I wish I had been allowed to pursue photography in college. As business majors we weren't allowed to take a seat in the photog classes that the art majors needed. Boohoo!

So glad your son was encouraged. Hope he has many years of shooting!!!

Traveling Bells said...

What an unexpected! So glad this creative door was opened for your son. It is often difficult to step out of our comfort zones...

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