I hope that little Johnny Drama uses his powers for good...

Friday, February 8, 2013

The above photo has nothing to do with my topic today. I thought that I'd just let you know why us Floridians brave the craziness, the hurricanes, the bugs, etc.  Despite snowstorms in other places, we are set to have amazing weather this week. Yipee.

Ok, back to the blog.

When my son was three, his best friend broke his leg and got a pretty orange cast. This was the second toddler that I knew who had broken a leg in a mysterious way. The two other kids had been limping and had jumped off of something and broken their legs silently.

So when my son started limping and crying that his leg hurt, I became concerned. Perhaps he had jumped on the playground in a bad way or something.  He went down for a nap and when he woke up, the complaining continued. He could not bear weight on his leg.

I took him to the emergency room . They were convinced by his complaining and actions that he might have a break. They did an x-ray. The ER doctor did not see anything on the xray and sent us home with advice to seek the opinion of  an  pediatric  orthopedist. There is only one group of pediatric orthopedists in the area and they could not fit him in for a day or two. My father in law and brother in law came over to evaluate the patient. They are both physicians. They started talking to him and joking around and said "Let's see how strong you are, kick our palms".  Little Mr. Faker started kicking away and laughing.

I should have learned back then. Since that time on (luckily) rare occasions, little Johnny Drama has faked it. Yesterday he got me again. He had to go to religious school yesterday. He got in my car and looked pale and complained that he did not feel well. My mother's intuition kicked in. I was certain he was sick. I would have bet on it.

He wasn't. Ugh. These teenage years are going to kill me.


Susie said...

Japolina, I Know what you mean. All of us have had "I don't feel so well, mommy" pulled on us a time or two. My daughter had this week off owrk...her daughter asked "what do you do all day mom?" Karen said,"well I clean house,watch some tv, read and maybe go to lunch." It must have sounded good to Savannah , because all of a sudden she says,"mommy, I think I am sick." Karen sent her on to school and she came home fine.LOL Warning, you may be bald by the time they graduate, from pulling your hair out. Hope not. :) xoxo,Susie

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

bwahahahahah.... got you good!

smiles, bee

Ellie VanCaster said...

How rude to play on our mommyness, right? I have taken that plunge also, unfortunately more than once-LOL

Annmarie Pipa said...

unfortunatley I completely understand.

Benlovesting said...

Thanks for sharing!

Baby Mama said...

ha ha ha! Sneaky little guy!

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