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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Last night (Saturday) was a rare one for me. Two of my guys are out of town on a college tour/boy's weekend and the third had a party. After I dropped him off for the party, I decided to run some errands at night. This is something I never do but I'm in search of comfortable, chic shoes (I have a bad foot and my orthopedist suggested sensible shoes until it heals)

Anyway, I ran around to some stores during the dark on my impossible mission. There are no comfortable, chic shoes out there. At least not in my price range.

Driving around at night seemed very lonely to me. I started to think about what my life would be like if my husband and boys no longer lived with me. I became sad. I was being ridiculous. I run errands almost every day during daylight hours by myself and I am not lonely. Why did driving around at night freak me out so much?

I finally threw in the towel and figured I would go home and online to search for the loch ness monster (a comfortable, chic shoe). Once I got home, my loneliness instantly went away. Before I knew it , it was time to go pick up my son from the party. Things were completely back to normal.

I guess my mind was playing tricks on me. Isn't it horrible when that happens? 

I have a mark on my foot and I begin to think it is terminal melanoma (it is a dry skin patch). I give up diet coke and then all I can think about is Diet Soda (I am on week three!) 

Why does one's mind do this? When I was pregnant with my first son, I started to worry like a crazy person. I kept worrying about everything from the serious things like, "Will he be healthy?" to silly things like "Will he be ugly?" (He was healthy and absolutely gorgeous). I decided that I would worry about him for the rest of my life so I decided then and there to only worry if someone like doctor told me to worry. This actually works most of the time but now that he is in the teen years, it is not as easy. Regardless, telling my mind to cut it out worked, even on my pregnant brain. Why can't it always be like this? Tell our brains to knock it off. I guess I should start meditating or something.  


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

i was so afraid to live all alone and be responsible for everything from the car to the condo to me, whatever but i am very happy. some lonely times but i get busy when that happens and it soon passes. i love my life.

smiles, bee

NanaDiana said...

I hear you! I have kind of a lonely life sometimes- hubby works a lot and is gone otherwise. The grands are fun but I don't see them everyday when school is in session so I rattle about this big house by myself. I do try not to worry though.
I would guess that you might be worrying about worrying?;>) xo Diana

Ellie VanCaster said...

First let me say WOW-3 WEEKS.
That is fantastic and still a little hard I bet.
Now I'm a little odd bit of a home body and I can understand that you felt better as soon as you were home. It's takes a bit to change that routine of day time errands.
(You realize I'm saying this to you since I don't want either of us to be that "crazy lady" ;-)

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