Sushi Ettiquette...

Friday, February 22, 2013

I think that I am going to a great Sushi place tonight and I happened to run across this comic

As it turns out, I am a very rude sushi eater. 


Natalie Hodak said...

hahaha omg me too, i would be kicked out if someone enforced these rules!


angryparsnip said...

Now I am so hungry !
But as my daughter just said I (we) are always up for some Sushi. We are going this weekend.
When living in Japan I learned the rules very fast.
In reality much of the nigri-zushi comes with the right amount of wasabi that the chef has made for you.
The cartoon is right about never... makeing a soup of soy and wasabi
or rubbing the chopsticks together.
Do not pour soy sauce on plain rice. Seasoned main dishes eaten with the plain rice provides the right balance of tastes.
Ginger is eaten as a palate cleanser.
Never bite a piece of nigiri-zushi in half.
Sashimi is carefully dipped into the dish of soy.
Many American restaurants are lax on many rules but when Japan, I am very careful not to insult the chef or the friends I am with.

Take a photo so we can see !
Everyone takes photos of their food.
Now I am really hungry must eat sushi NOW !

cheers, parsnip

NanaDiana said...

How fun! Enjoy your sushi-I don't do can have all of mine! xo Diana

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

This is funny. Love it. I am not a sushi eater, but love Japanese food in general. I always run my chopsticks together! How rude of me!!!

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