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Thursday, April 11, 2013

As you might recall, I've been having trouble saying "No" lately. I'm just easy that way. It is bad. I'm overwhelmed with mom/wife/ebaying stuff to do and I've agreed to do some lawyer work. On top of that, I have a Bar Mitzvah to host next month. I'm frazzled. 

Last week, I was invited to attend the Principal of the year dinner and dance for Miami-Dade County. I agreed to go but was dreading it. I drove myself to the event (even though the other mom's were carpooling together) so that I could dash out if it was horrendous. When I got there, it was really nice. It was at a fancy ballroom. There was flattering lighting.  The was alcohol! There were pretty centerpieces. It was way more glam that I expected an educational event to be.

The program started and the anticipation for the awards was slowly built up. It was a huge honor that they had made it this far. By the time they announced the winner, I was all nervous for my principal!   We did not win. I wanted to throw my plate of chicken at the stage. I know now what it must be like when your people don't win the academy award and you  have to sit through the rest of the awards with a fake smile on your face.

It was fun. I'm glad that I went. My principal should have won but but there is always next year!

The funny part of the night came when they served dinner. Funny or Gross actually. The dinner was held a Jungle Island. Jungle Island is a bird zoo that used to be called Parrot Jungle.  The ballroom is a separate area and rivals any nice hotel ballroom but right next door are a million birds including my favorite, a parrot that rides a bike across a tightrope.

When they served the chicken, it was perfectly parrot sized. One of the PTA girls said "enjoy your parrot" and we all decided to just eat the rolls out of the bread basket.  Maybe they should serve fish next year!
                                          Hope this bike is really fast! Go Polly Go!


Unknown said...

Heyyyy there, would be cool if we followed each other so let me know on my blog? Much love, Sarah!


Susie said...

Japolina, The first time I ate chicken wings in Florida...I wondered about the seagulls..hmm?That was a beautiful setting. Sorry your principal didn't win. That school stuff is pretty political, don't you think.
have fun today. xoxo,Susie

Unknown said...

Euuuhhh-I wouldn't have been able to eat chicken after that either! It does look like a beautiful setting though and maybe next year for your principal?
Have a good weekend.

NanaDiana said...

OMG- Did you about gag when they said that? lol It does look like a nice event though. There is always next year! xo Diana

Eventz Photo Booth said...

Saw your post about the upcoming Bar Mitzvah. Need a photo booth?

Anonymous said...

I love that parrot on the bicycle too- we must be related ;)
xo jo

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