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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

One of the best (and sometimes the worst) things about living in Miami is that it often feels like you are living in another country. 

Miami is a true melting pot. It is not just Cuban (as many people think), there are also tons of Central and South Americans, Caribbean people and lots of Russians along with immigrants from all around the world. Driving is often a big old party, especially in the winter when the Canadians and American snowbirds head down to warm up.

I love that I can go to my local supermarket and try to figure out what languages the other shoppers are speaking. I love the accents.  I also love the restaurants.

Last night my husband and I tried a new-to-us restaurant in Coral Gables, which is a city within Miami-Dade County. It was called Aromas del Peru.  It was a little Peruvian restaurant. Peruvian food is different from Spanish or Mexican food that you might be familiar with. All Miamians, including us, know enough Spanish to order food in restaurants but we were a little confused because we don't really  know Peruvian food so the experience was like being on a mini-vacation for us.  Our waiter spoke no english so we sort of asked him to bring us what he thought we would like. A risk? Yes. Fun? Yes

We started with  a  causa. A causa is like a potato knish with filling. The filling we had was crab. It was beautiful and delicious.

The waiter then brought us a huge dish of cerviche. It has shrimp and other fish. It also had some type of beans, sweet potato and corn. It was absolutely heavenly. 

After that, we were full but the waiter then brought out a seafood only paella. It was amazing.  

He then brought us some type of torte with dulce de leche and apricots.

This place was amazing. Yum Yum. Yesterday was one of those days where feeling like you're living in a foreign country is a good thing! 


Susie said...

Japolina, I personly, think to drive in should absolutely know English...yikes too scary. The food looked very good, sure sounded like a lot to eat. Hope you are having a wonderful day. We are in for more rain..they are saying not too much. But once you are flood, 1/4 of an inch is too much. Stay safe, xoxo, Susie

angryparsnip said...

I love Peruvian food. It has a Japanese connection with the use of soy sauce. That what makes it so different.
Your dinner sound so good, I am now so hungry !

There is a Peruvian restaurant just down the street from me that I adore.
I am amazed he didn't pick out the Loma Saltado a national dish so good or the Jalea kind of a paella with out the rice, served with yucca root. I order it all the time. Pure love.

I love the melting pot feel of America also. In Tucson we have two outstanding Ethiopian restaurants that we love to eat at. Lots of veterinarian options. Which is good for many of my family.

You are so luck to live where you do.

cheers, parsnip

angryparsnip said...

ack the spell check attacked again, plus I was writing without my glasses.... VEGETARIAN options

Annmarie Pipa said...

sounds like a delightful time!!! and the food looks fabulous!

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