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Saturday, June 8, 2013

This week, I tried to finish up a freelance law project and list a ton of fab stuff that a friend gave me to sell on eBay.  I had a lot of work to do and wanted to try to get back in the groove after the weeks of Bar Mitzvah chaos.  

First of all I had the cast debacle with my son. 
Then my computer started acting wonky and I spent hours on the phone with applecare getting it back up to speed
Then my iphone started acting wonky and I had to spend hours at the apple store getting it back up to speed.'
Then the flood came...

I realized that sometimes life gets in the way of life and hopefully my groove will return next week.

Oh yes, did I say flood?  We had a flash flood here in Aventura.  In the morning, the weather girl said to expect some light rain during the day due to the tail of tropical storm Andrea which was heading far away. 

The weather people in Miami are gorgeous but not very good at their jobs. I don't know why I even watch.  It started to rain. And rain. And rain. 

Our little city got 15" in one afternoon.  My place is usually fine in the rain but this was heavy and fast.  The entrance to my house is up three steps but I have a very large sunken living room which is on ground level.  During the 15 years that I have lived here, we have been through hurricanes and tropical storms, water has only seeped in under the sliding glass doors once. That was during a freak flash flood about five years ago during December. A little water leaked in, we sucked it up with a wet vac and forgot about it.

Yesterday I noticed a little water coming in around 2 p.m. I put down towels and some water absorbing things that look like giant sausages. By 3 p.m. more towels. By 4 p.m.  I was out of towels and I felt defeated, the water just started coming in. Luckily, most of my house is two feet higher than the living room.  I told my husband to leave work (He just started with a new company a week ago. I've already called once with a child headed to the emergency room and now with a flood! His new office must think we are a dramatic family!!!)  

It is a good thing that he left when he did. As it was, it took four times longer than usual. The closer he got to the house, the more cars were stalled out in the road. It took 45 minutes to go the last mile to my house! During the point that I wanted to take a shower but had no dry towels! I was glad that my living room had not been re-decorated lately and that I was not attached to anything in it other than photographs which had been moved to higher ground. Facebook friends from the area reported really long commutes as it got later. The rain finally let up and the water was sucked up. No permanent damage.

Here are the towels outside waiting to be washed. It may be time for new towels.

Here is the little lake in my front yard. Usually it looks so pretty. Floods are messy

I highly recommend that you own a canister style wet vac. We would never have been able to get a company to come out yesterday, everyone was flooded!!!


angryparsnip said...

Great photos of a messy mess.
Glad to know your all fine if a little damp ?
One summer we had some awful downpour storms and the roof cracked right above the guest room bath where Japanese family was staying. The water poured in. What a mess.
All you need is one bad rain storm and boom !

The wet vac is a great idea. I'm off to Ace Hardware soon. Thanks for the idea.

cheers, parsnip

NanaDiana said...

Oh-How awful. I am glad it is no worse than that...that's bad enough! I am glad your hubby got home to help...poor guy on his new job and emergencies twice...lol...they probably think he is married to a drama queen.....snicker....we all KNOW better!
Well, next week can ONLY get better, you know- xo Diana

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

oh honey! i am so sorry! we had lots of rain but not nearly as much as you did.

hugs, bee

vivian said...

uhg! you handles that so well. I would have been a total wreck! hopefully life will calm down now and you can get back to normal!
Happy sunday!

This is Belgium said...

You need to come to Belgium and get on a bike!

Susie said...

Japolina, My heart breaks for you and your family and everyone that got flooded. Our town had a flood this spring. Glad you got the water out and saved things....but be aware of the dampness...it can cause molds to grow, if everything isn't totally dry.I not saying this to up-set you, just want you and your family safe.You'll be in my prayers. xoxo,Susie

Suzan Sweatman said...

Well talk about a wonky week - unbelievable - sorry but I had to LOL at y0ur description of the weather girls, you're too funny!
Glad the water didn't cause too much damage - I lost a trunk once filled to the brim with my kids childhood mementoes - due to a flood - absolutely broke my heart.....

Red Rose Alley said...

I can't believe you had a flood, so sorry to hear this! I hope your days are better soon. It is getting warmer every day here in California. I will send you some sunshine. I left you a comment before, but not sure it came through.

Have a good week.


vindiebaby said...

Oh my I just remember the floods when I used to live in Miami!! good luck girl:)

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