Tammy Duckworth

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I interrupt my usual blogging about nonsense to mention something that I read today that everyone should know about. I can't believe that this story is not front page news in every newspaper.

Tammy Duckworth is a US Congresswoman from Illinois. She is a veteran of the Iraq war and a double amputee. She was just sworn into Congress this year. I believe that she is the first Asian-American woman to be elected to congress, the first disable woman to be elected to congress and the first member of congress to have been born in Thailand.  She was a US Army helicopter pilot and suffered combat wounds which not only caused her to lose the legs but also damaged her right arm. She  still serves in the Illinois National Guard.  She is married to a fellow officer and fellow Iraq War veteran.  How have I not heard of this amazing woman before? I don't know what her political views are , but seriously, this is one amazing woman.

This week Duckworth was at a hearing of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee when she reamed out a scumbag named Braulio Castillo.  Castillo owns a company called Strong Castle. Stong Castle won contracts with the IRS worth as much as $500 million.  In acquiring those lucrative contracts, Castillo's company qualified for special status as a "service-disabled veteran-owned small business"  His injury was a twisted ankle during a high school football game at his Military school.  In applying for the special status, Castillo wrote a letter to the government that his foot injury was "due to my service to this great country and I would do it again to protect this great country".

Duckworth, in yelling at him during the hearing stated  "I'm so glad that you would be willing to play football at prep school again to protect this great country"

Duckworth should rule the world! Castillo should go to prison, but sadly, he probably did not violate any laws.   Maybe Duckworth can make a law about this.   Sad.


angryparsnip said...

I saw her on the news this morning. She is terrific !

cheers, parsnip

Susie said...

Japolina, She's an amzing woman...and that man should be ashamed but he isn't . No one should ever impersonate an American hero. So sad. xoxo,Susie

NanaDiana said...

Amazing woman! I did not know anything about her before I read this! Don't you love how those jackasses get away with the things they do? xo Diana

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