No wonder they keep raising the rates...

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The US post office made a set of stamps called "just move". The stamps were aimed at getting children to be more active. As I typed that, I realized how ridiculous it is to think that a postage stamp would motivate anyone to do anything but I guess that it is better than promoting eating sugar

I would have certainly purchased a set of these to put on my cute letters that I send to my boys at sleep away camp but I doubt that a letter with a stamp saying "toss" would pull them away from the poker games that are played on the floor of the cabin during their downtime.

As you might know, the post office keeps saying that they are losing money. I don't know how this can be true as my little eBay business alone probably keeps someone in a job over there. However, they keep complaining and are going to raise postage rates again in January.

To make matters worse, they are going to destroy the entire press run of the "just move" stamp series. It seems that the President's Council of Fitness, Sports & Nutrition (those same guys who used to make you try to do pull ups in elementary school) were worried that three of the stamps were promoting unsafe activities.

These unsafe stamps were "Cannonball", "Skateboarding (without pads)"and Balance (doing a  headstand without a helmet)


Here are my thoughts: 

  •  These are drawings of faceless kids.

  • Who is going to claim that they skateboarded without pads after viewing it on a stamp?

  • Other than kids at camp, actually gets any mail with stamps on it?

  • What is wrong with a good old fashioned cannonball?

  • Last, but not least,  who the hell wears a helmet when doing a handstand?

This is government bureaucracy at its worse.  Just when I thought I could not be any more angry at Washington, this stupid report came out.  What will happen next? 


angryparsnip said...

Love your post today...
Less people send letter today and it is a shame.

I never get mad at the Post office because when you live in Italy you kinda sorta get letters but no packages from the U.S. they open them and if they like what they see they keep it. It was like this about 20 years ago. When my daughter worked for a small, super cute design company they never sent any product to Italy because it never got delivered, and that was just 4 years ago.

Unsafe stamps ? just look what they see on TV and the movies ?

cheers, parsnip

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

parsnip is spot on as are you my friend. and if you DID buy them for next year's camp letters it wouldn't be enough postage by then.

smiles, bee

vivian said...

I know.. really? who freaken cares whats on the stamps anyways! I only care at christmas time when I want something pretty to go on my envelopes.. but even then.. does anyone really care? That is rediculous, the complaints about the 3 unsafe stamps. People need to care about something that might make a real difference. OH well.. our countries priorities are pretty messed up.. so I guess its no shocker! lol!!
anyways.. have a wonderful weekend my friend!

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