Teens and Drugs?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

     Last night I attended an information seminar at my son's high school.  They talked about a lot of important stuff but the thing that stuck with me the most is when a family therapist stood up and mentioned that there are a lot of drugs in schools today. All schools, not just the "bad" ones. Way more craziness that when I was in high school in the 80's.  

     She stated that parents are naive about it.  She mentioned that the latest craze at high school parties is that all attendees raid their parent's medicine cabinets and steal a few pills. All of the attendees place the pills in a bowl in the middle of the room so it looks like a big bowl of colorful candy and they each kid takes a few. Talk about dangerous!

     I try to scare my kids about drugs all of the time. I have a cousin that ruined her bright life with drugs.  We have a close family friend whose father is a deadbeat crackhead. I don't edit the stories when talking about these two stories.  I try to remind them that they can't experiment. When someone famous dies of drugs, I remind them.  I hope that they listen.

    Then today I read that the producers of GLEE have decided NOT to have Cory Monteith's character, Finn,  die of drug use.  If you remember Cory died recently of a heroin overdose.(they have not announced what kills the character but have announced that it won't be drugs)   Its a wasted opportunity if you ask me.   

    I used to love GLEE but when the main characters graduated, I lost interest in the show BUT a lot of young children and teens still watch.  They will be crying tonight watching everyone pretty much glamorize the death of a young man by singing songs about him.  Wouldn't it be better to try to save a life or two by making him die from trying drugs just once. Something to scare kids. Like how about Finn went to a music festival and tried Molly (a  form of ectasy) and died. In my opinion, its a travesty that they are not using his death from drugs as part of the story line.


Anonymous said...

Oof that's terrifying about the party bowl of drugs, I'd be so anxious if I was a mother.There really wasn't anything here when I was growing up but then it all changed when I was in my late 20's but I was a scaredy cat.

angryparsnip said...

I can't add anything to what you have said. You wrote about it better than I could have.
I only watch Glee once and it was fine but I never watched it but I know lots of people did.
Cory did die of drugs and what better way to get the point across story line or not that they will never see this person/character ever again because of drugs !

cheers, parsnip

Susie said...

Japolina, I totally agree. This is a missed chance of the program's producers, to help other children.I don't care how old my grandkids get, I tell them"Hey no drugs..ever." I try to tell them in plain Nana english. I think drugs are glamourized way too much on t.v. and in the movies....and by young stars. Example..Miley Cirus...I'll never buy even a Hannah Montana item for my g.daughters. Just because Miley is associated with it. I never did drugs myself...because to be honest, I was raising my four daughters and how could I be doing something, then telling them not to do it. Sometimes, it only take one time to die or be hooked...why take that chance. I told my daughters...it's a waste of time, brains and money...do you have any of that to waste??xoxo,Susie

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