Monday, October 21, 2013

My blog friend Parsnip mentioned Sushi in her post today. This made me remember a great sushi roll that I had last week.  My husband works in Downtown Miami which is about 20 miles from my house. I try to drive him to work once a week and then I go down to pick him up and we try a new restaurant down there before we drive home.

Recently, he went to lunch at a Sushi place called Obba Sushi. He said that his lunch was great so that was last week's dinner date spot.  I ordered a Don Akil roll.  I don't know who Don Akil is but the description  sounded interesting . It is Yellowtail marinated in ginger yuzu sauce, with caviar, cilantro, asparagus, sesame seed with salmon and obba leaf.  The ginger taste was strong, and the roll was so flavorful. Sometimes it pays to try new things.

My favorite sushi roll of all time is a Kani Su. It is just cucumber wraped around crab and avocado and is served with rice wine vinegar. It is fresh and light.
It does not have rice so it is pretty low-cal.

I did have Sushi during my weekend B'nai Mitzvah event. I'm truly exhausted from the whole thing. It was a blast and will try to get up the energy to write about it this week. 

Do you like sushi? What is your favorite kind?  My mom is kind of scared of sushi. She still thinks of it as raw fish.  I think that she is missing out.


NanaDiana said...

LOL- I'm with your Mom. Maybe we are a bit old school. I don't eat sushi because I don't eat fish. Crazy, but true. You can have ALL my share! xo Diana

angryparsnip said...

Love your post today.
I love fish !
In fact I could give up meat. I eat very little meat at all but I could never give up fish.
I really like my sushi very plain like Sashimi or Nigiri. In fact on very hot day I crave sashimi so cool and refreshing.
My favorite sushi is Oshizushi, pressed sushi or box sushi. Salmon or horse mackerel on top of rice cut into rectangles and then wrapped in persimmon leaves. It is favorite in Osaka where my family lives.
Really any sushi is good for me.

cheers, parsnip

vivian said...

no sushi for me... not a fish fan. but I know Im a picky eater and its probably really good and Im missing out on something. pass the chicken please! lol!
enjoy your sushi my friend!

Susie said...

Japolina, I would never eat sushi on purpose.LOL I like fish baked or broiled. As a kid I probably would have eaten it. Glad you had a good date with your sweet man. I love knowing that you both enjoy your nights out...together !! xoxo,Susie

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