All Alone (poor me)

Monday, August 5, 2013

My boys are still at camp and my man had to go out of town all weekend for a business conference. I was going to go with him but we decided that I would not see him as he was booked all weekend. So Friday morning I dropped him off with no plans of what I was going to do to keep myself busy until late Sunday night.

My married girlfriends are all with their summer boyfriends as their kids are also at sleep-away camp. The kids are all coming back next week so I knew not to try to be a third wheel in those love-fests.

My unmarried  friends are just too wild on the weekends for me to hang out with. I challenge college girls to keep up with newly divorced 40-ish hot mamas on a Saturday night. These are not your mother's 40-ish friends. These are yoga-going, botox-taking, fabulous women who have ditched 180 pounds of ex-husband and are out for fun.  I am not interested in that. At all.  

So I barricaded myself in my house. I bought new dishes and totally cleaned out my kitchen. I really dug deep and pulled out a ton of stuff that we never use.  Goodwill hit the motherlode again. I am seriously keeping them in inventory this year. I moved stuff around. My kitchen is so organized right now. I feel like I could work at the container store.

I went to the high school uniform sale. The uniform company for both schools does not have a retail store in the area, so they do on-site sales. This means that I have to go to one for the high school and a different sale for the middle school.  I know, call the waambulance.  It was quite depressing walking into the high school gym to buy man-sized embroidered polo shirts. I am not ready for the summer to be over.   I have to do middle school next week. I hope that they did not grow too much at camp, or I will have to then return the shirts to timbuktoo, the location of the uniform store. 

I did some other work but did not finish all of the projects that are on my list as I got caught up in a Sex and the City marathon. Yes, I've seen every episode  but they just suck me in.  I still think Mr. Big is an  a-hole and she should have married Aiden.

My husband got home and while I was lonely, I tried to respect the lull and enjoy the silence. The boys are back in a week and the craziness starts up again.  


Susie said...

Japolina, I am so happy that you do not want to be out partying without your sweet man along.
I hope the boys didn't grow gosh, who would want to return things , after you made the boys go through their closets before camp, thinking you have their sizes in mind now. I laughed about the Timbuctoo store LOL.
New them..we all want to be envious, you know. xoxo,Susie

NanaDiana said...

I knew you weren't a party girl! I can tell how much you love your hubby and your sweet family. Good for you for keeping yourself busy. The boys will be home before you know it~ What kind of dishes did you get? xo Diana

Suzan Sweatman said...

Why why why didn't she stick with Aiden?????????
I can't turn away from that show either - and I've probably watched every single episode at least 10 times.
Can't turn away from the movie either if it's on.
There you go - another addiction LMHO

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