Sometime a little procrastination works out...

Monday, August 12, 2013

My boys were going to Sleep-away camp. Sometime after Christmas, the camp travel agent sent an email with the options for the camp flights. My camp has so many kids from South Florida, that they are able to have most of the kids go up and back on chartered flights.   Camp seemed so far away back then and my husband and I could not plan that far ahead. Were we going to go on a road trip to camp? Fly up with them and make a vacation out of it? Put them on the plane one-way, both ways or not at all. 

We did not decide until June! A spring career change meant that there was no summer travel plans for us this year.  We were going to just send them on the plane both ways. By that time, there was no room on the main flight coming home. (it was non-stop)  They had another option. About 40 kids were flying on another airline but there was a change of planes involved.  The flight did have chaperones so we just paid for it and booked it.

Yesterday, the first non-stop flight was supposed to be home at 2:30 (my nephew was on that one). Our flights were supposed to arrive at 4:30.   The non-stop flight was delayed and delayed due to mechanical issues. Eventually it landed at midnight.   My boys were on time and I was hugging them at 4:30!  Sometimes procrastinating does work out. (Most of the time is does not)

They had a blast at camp. The best summer ever!  Now the stinky camp bags are heading my way. Pee eww!!! I'm thinking of just throwing them in my car and taking them to a laundry mat so that I can get that dirty job completely over with in a few hours rather than pull that stuff into my house and launder it over the course of days.  It rained a lot at camp and I'm thinking that every thing is going to be extra damp and moldy. Any thoughts?


angryparsnip said...

awwwwwwww, it is always good to see them arrive on time !
I think the laundromat is a great idea. I think some have a wash and fold service so you could stand in the parking lot, with the boys and have a toss pile and a save pile. Then have it washed by them. Just drive by later it will be clean, fold and done !

School started last week in Tucson.

cheers, parsnip

NanaDiana said...

I vote for the laudromat! I think I told you I used to buy 2nd hand suitcases for my son/pack it with old clothes and chuck it all in the trash when he came BAD Mom! xo Diana

Suzan Sweatman said...

LAUNDRY MAT - without a doubt lol
Glad to hear your lovebugs are back at home safe and sound!

vivian said...

laundry mat for sure!
welcome home to your boys!

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