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Sunday, August 25, 2013

I've been a powerseller on eBay for over 10 years. Even when my babies were small and when I had my three retail businesses, I always kept a little eBay going on.   Right now, I am in full force I have over 500 listings a month and two seller ids.   People always ask me questions about my eBaying so here are a few of the most asked questions and answers...

Isn't it a lot of work to sell on eBay?

Well, yes and no. Many of my consignment clients try it themselves (who can blame them as they get to keep all of the money and not split it with me) but it is sort of like painting your own house or fixing your own car. If it is small job, it is probably worth saving a few bucks but big jobs should often be left to professionals.

Between my two eBay ids, I have over 7000 positive feedbacks. I have regular customers. I don't have the selling limits that eBayers with low feedback have. Due to my long-standing good record, not only do I have listing and selling down to a science, I consistently get the highest prices for my items. (I check this quite often)

If you have a thing or two to sell, it is very easy to snap a photo and list. If it sells, then you need to ship it out right away!  If you have a carload (as many of my clients have) , it is best left to the professional (me)

Why do you have two selling ids?

I started the second id to sell my own stuff when I started the consignment business but now, I just have two because one has an eBay "store" and the other does not. Ebay often rewards its store owners by NOT inviting them to amazing free listing sales. This seems counter-intuitive but in the eBay world, fair  does not always exist. For example, I pay over $50 a month for my eBay store (in addition to listing and sales fees). The the other non-store id gets 50 free listings a month but they often run a sale allowing free listings. This month there was one and I went crazy with free listings and sold A LOT.

What program to you use to list and keep track?

I use GarageSale for Mac. It took some getting used to but was a one time fee and hosts all of my listings and photos and it is really easy to relist from there. I use ebay's own application called Outright to keep track of expenses for tax purposes.

Yes, if you sell over a certain amount in a year, you get a nice tax form to file with the IRS. Keep this in mind if you decide to run an online garage sale or something.

Do you have any other questions, I'd love to make eBay a recurring theme on my blog!

Here are my sites.

The store one: SouthBeachChic
The non-store one: CasaChic


NanaDiana said...

That's amazing. I often wonder how you do that and keep it all straight. I have often wondered if it is worth the time and effort. I have lots of stuff to get rid of and should really try it- xo Diana

Susie said...

Japolina, Honey you know you are talking over my head:):) It sounds like a lot of busy work. I wish you great success . You are a clever girl, so I bet you can make it all work . xoxo,Susie

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