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Friday, August 2, 2013

In addition to old fashioned snail mail, I can send e-mails to my sons at sleepaway camp. You have to buy credits for one dollar per note  and you can send a text-only message (no photos) that will likely be read by the camp in the same way that prison guards read incoming inmate mail.   The kids cannot e-mail back.

My husband loves to write to them this way. I really don't and only do it when I have an urgent message to get to them.  It usually is on the last day of camp when I write " please leave any wet towels or clothing at camp and not place them in the bags for the five day un-airconditioned truck ride that the trunks take from North Carolina to Miami".

Here is today's email to my youngest child...

Dear Sam:

I know that you have not escaped from camp because I've seen some amazing photos of you on the camp website this week but I have only received one letter from you.   I am not mad at you for not writing to me even though I have written to you every single day including the five days before you actually left so that you would get mail during the first few days of camp.

That being said, you MUST write four letters before you leave camp. You must put stamps on these letters and actually mail them.  Please write to

Grandma B
Grandma S
Aunt J
Aunt K

I don't care if the letters just say "Camp is great! I love and Miss you". You are going to be in the dog house when you get home if this is not done.

I love and miss you so much honey.

Love Mom


angryparsnip said...

I hope he knows the dog house also includes cleaning all the bathrooms when he gets home ! or the cats litter box for at lest a month.
Fun post today.

cheers, gayle

NanaDiana said...

LOL- I am going to change your name to the "postal police woman". xo Diana

Suzan Sweatman said...

Too cute!!!
Let's see if he sends the letters!

vivian said...

Your too funny! do you think he'll write all four letters? nice that they are away at camp. What are you doing with your quiet time?
I always worried when my kids went to camp.. but lets see.. one year one had to come home with a broken arm, another year one came home early homesick, another year I took two to the same camp, one refused to stay when I got there and then decided the next day that I could take him back. Then my daughter who is diabetic worked up in MA at a camp for diabetic kids and ended up in the hospital for a week there! everyday they told us they would be releasing her the next day... and then the next day would come and they would keep her another day. Finally my daughter and I drove up to get her and brought her home, which she did not want to do. Oh well.. believe me when I say, Ive earned every white hair on my head! LOL!
have a great weekend

Susie said...

Japolina, Is that your boy in the kayak? Did you cry at the sight? I know you have to miss them...hug them for me when they return. I sure miss my "little " ones. No matter how old our children get they are our children and we will miss their sweet hugs. xoxo,Susie
p.s. I am catching up on the posts I have missed.

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