Only in Miami...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

I love living in Miami. Besides the glorious weather that we have for most of the year, the people in Miami are very colorful.  Miami is a true melting pot of many cultures and this makes for great art, music and food. (It does make for horrible traffic and drivers but its worth it to live in such an amazing city).

That being said, Miami is full of nutballs. I went to go get my Flu Shot on Friday at Walgreens.  I saw this lady walking through the entire store with her two dogs on leashes.  They were not service dogs. They were regular dogs.  Not one person that worked in the store said anything. They sell food in Walgreens!  What the heck? To make matters worse, I kept looking at the lady as she looked liked she could be one of the PTA moms that I know. She did not look like a loonie at all, she looked like one of my friends.  What does this mean? 


angryparsnip said...

What it means she is incredibly daft and selfish and should know better and leave her dogs at home.
Stores rarely say anything because of lawsuits and bad press.

I did something bad once and walked up a person who had their dog in a shop and said...
Oh My Goodness I didn't know that breed (Rat terrier ?) was a service dog ? How wonderful that you have one to help you in your day. I just when on and on and several people did look over but no one said anything. When she finally got a word in and said it wasn't a service dog I said Oh ? and said too bad and turned around and walked away.
Today I probably would have got shot.
I know I was wrong but sometimes you just want to say something

cheers, parsnip

vivian said...

I suppose she was just out walking her dogs and needed to grab something in the store when she went by. at least the dogs were behaving. lol! that wouldnt have bothered me at all.. not as much as a mother ignoring or being nasty to her unruly misbehaving kids would.
my grandmother used to live in Miami. I havent been there since I was little. I just remember going to some, what I thought at the time were fancy restaurants and to the beach. and that my grandmothers whole house and just about everything in it was white!
I miss her!
anyways, have a great week!

20 North Ora said...

People still amaze me on a daily basis. You never know what they are thinking or if they are thinking. I am your newest follower.


Susie said...

Does it mean your friends are nutballs??LOL Just kidding. I do not know what makes people take the doggies to places where there is food. I just saw a lady at a store in town...she had one of the store people that was on break watch her dog. She ran in got her things and right back out. It worked for her. I really do not like when people bring their animals to street fairs where there is food being served. I always fear a dog could get his toes ran over by a stroller and turn to bite the sad would that be. Lots of people are into thinking it's all about it must be all about their doggies too. xoxo,Susie

Suzan Sweatman said...

Wouldn't bother me at all - I'm sure the dogs weren't touching any of the food - I've seen dirtier people in stores here in Montreal then dogs lmao...........
Having said that you wouldn't get away with bringing a dog into one here - strict strict laws with that

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