Sunday, November 17, 2013

This year Thanksgiving collides with Hanukkah in Jewish Houses. The good news is that we kill two birds with one stone so to speak.

 Hanukkah is the easiest Jewish Holiday around here. We usually eat fried foods (to remember the miracle of a little bit of oil lasting 8 days) and light a menorah.  There is no temple-going, no traditional meals,etc.  

Thanksgiving in my family is more traditional and rigid. I have hosted it for many years. One year my husband and decided to bbq instead of making the traditional meal and it went over like a lead balloon (Any dinner party that I host where my husband bbqs is so much easier for me and so much tastier as I am not a good cook!)

This is the first time that these two holidays will be occurring on the same day and it won't happen again for 70,000 years! I have no idea what to make or how to decorate.

I'm going with silver and blue as my color scheme for decorating. I've spray painted some traditional thanksgiving items silver and my table decor will be unique and funny.

I'm thinking of this menu…Please give opinions.

Beef brisket (made by my mom and totally delicious)
Potato latkes (pancakes) with apple sauce
Cranberry sauce
Noodle kugel (It is sweet and delicious)

Mini peacan pies and mini jelly donuts (a hanukkah thing)

Lots of alcohol.

Is it okay if I don't serve anything green?
Is it okay if I don't have sweet potatoes?

Opinions please blogging friends?


angryparsnip said...

Yes Please !
This dinner sound wonderful.
But I would need some Green Beans ? or a Brussels Sprout Slaw. Super easy to make. No cooking.
I am just so use to veggies at dinner plus daughter is a vegetarian. We, as back far as my Mum dinners, always have lots of veggies and small amount of meat at my family dinners.
We eat our Yams just roasted in the oven and served plain none of the marshmallow on top. So if you don't like them don't have them.

It is your dinner, serve what you and your family like. After all isn't that what Thanksgiving and Hanukkah is about... Family together.

cheers, parsnip

NanaDiana said...

I would probably do SOMETHING green. I microwave whole green beans and toss them with slivered almonds and butter-they are easy and look like you fussed! lol Otherwise, it all sounds good to me- we don't always have sweet potatoes either -xo Diana

ps. What two birds are you killing with one stone? lol

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

oh yum! what time? lol

i think your menu is PERFECT with a capital P!

smiles, bee

Susie said...

Japolina, I sure could eat a latke and one of the mini pecan pies :):) Hope you take photos of the food. Yes, I know what you mean about the cooking outside on the us women a break. It will all be good, because it's family time. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

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