Our one and only Thanksgivukkah...

Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgivukkah, that rare day when Thanksgiving and Hanukkah collided is over.  It won't come again for another 70,000 years.  Last night we wondered if there will be an earth in 70,000 years or a human race and , if so, will there still be organized religion.  That was the only heavy moment in an otherwise fun and festive night.

This year, it was just my side of the family. My sister, brother-in-law and nephew were in from out of town so it was extra special.  My food was delicious , yet heavy (Jewish food is heavy and we all know how you feel after a Thanksgiving dinner). I served Turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, potato latkes (pancakes), corn soufflé, Kughel (Jewish noodle pudding), and my mom brought her famous and fabulous beef brisket (another Jewish tradition).  Desserts were pecan pie, red velvet cake and Jelly Donuts (a Hannukah food). I wish that these to holidays were always celebrated on the same day! So many calories, yet soooo good.

Everyone got a along (we always do) and it was just a great night. Lots to be thankful for. 

As I woke up this morning, for the first time, in a long time, I had nothing that I HAD to do. I was so grateful for that.

Today my husband's creative brother is coming over to finish up this year's handmade menorah.  I will post photos after Saturday night's big reveal during a Hanukkah celebration with my husband's family.

In the meantime, here are a few shots of our crazy, mixed up holiday. I think that the decorations that I concocted (other than Etsy, there were no Thanksgivukkah decorations being sold) were tacky but they won't be used again so it is okay.

Jewish Pilgrams????

 A turkey filled with dreydels???
 Gourds and Gelt (Hanukkah chocolcate coins)
 Latkes (potato pancakes)
 Truly a mishmash! Martha Stewart has nothing to fear!


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

red velvet cake? *thud*

smiles, bee

Susie said...

Japolina, I knew Bee would like a slice of red velvet cake. :) Isn't she a sweetheart? I liked your table setting...although ,like you said , you can't use it for another 70,000 years or so. I wouldn't mind having a potao pancake. :) It's great when we have gathering and people get along. xoxo,Susie

Anonymous said...

awesome spread! I wish thanksgivvikuh was every year!
xo jo

FARMER &the BELL said...

oh oh! you did such a great job marrying all the holidays together!

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